Bookmarked Debut Night… The Dust Has Settled

Well after a strange week in Manchester we feel the dust has settled and we can now take time to really celebrate, yet not brag, how well the very first night of Bookmarked went. We want to thank the lovely authors Sarah Winman and SJ Watson who both read wonderfully…

Sarah Winman reads...

And answer questions with great thought and witt…

SJ Watson discusses…
We also want to thank our lovely audience for turning up, not all of you are in this photo… how did you manage that?

The spell bound audience...

We can say that the hosts, Simon Savidge and Adam Lowe, were thrilled with the event and the turn out which made the evening such a success, thank you for all your thoughtful questions and for being such a great delightful audience. You can see at the end it was smiles all round.

After the event its smiles all round for Sarah Winman, SJ Watson, Simon Savidge and Adam Lowe

We look forward to seeing you all next month, the date and author will be announced later today, so keep your eyes peeled for news.


About bookmarkedsalon

A new literary salon in the heart of Manchester City Centre (in Waterstones Deansgate to be exact) hosted by Adam Lowe and Simon Savidge
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